Flexispy Review

FlexiSPY is professional monitoring software for smartphones that lets you check exactly what your employees or children are doing on their smartphones or tablets and where they are at any given time.

FlexiSPY PREMIUM is designed to offer every feature available on the monitoring market, while also specializing in monitoring all major social and instant messaging applications. FlexiSPY EXTREME adds live phone call interception and room bugging, call recording and several other esoteric features they claim are unique to FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY comes in two versions, PREMIUM and EXTREME.

Both versions of FlexiSPY can run in total stealth or visible modes depending on your legal requirements. PREMIUM costs $68 while EXTREME is priced at $149. Both versions come with 24×7 live chat and email support, as well as a very active blog and community. They offer a 10 day no quibble refund policy and support iPhones, Android, iPad and Blackberry devices.

How It Works

FlexiSPY is installed on the smartphone you wish to monitor, after which it silently captures and sends all device activity to a web account, where you can easily see what your kids or employees have been doing and saying on their phones, and also, where they have been. FlexiSPY can be moved to another supported phone any time during the subscription period.


FlexiSPY has an almost overwhelming number of features. Their website has a lot of information that covers everything you could want to know about the product, but for this review we will quickly take a look at some of the more important ones.

The following features are available on both EXTREME and PREMIUM versions

Traditional Messaging.

Let’s start with the basic features that you would expect to find on all monitoring products.

Like most other apps, FlexiSPY captures

  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Call Logs
  • MMS

A nice feature is that if the SMS is from someone in the contact book, the contact details are retrieved and shown. Email feature extends to capturing and showing text HTML emails. The Call Log shows the direction, time duration of the call, and the name of the person if the number is in the address book.

Social Messaging

One area where FlexiSPY is clearly strong is the capture of social messages. They capture messages from thirteen apps as follows.

  • Facebook,
  • WhatsApp
  • LINE
  • BBM
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • iMessage
  • WeChat
  • Google hangouts
  • Blackberry PIN
  • Blackberry Messenger
  • Snapchat
  • Yahoo Messenger

As social messaging is free, it has become the predominant way that people communicate, so it’s extremely important that monitoring application are able to do this. However, social messages can be very complex, containing texts, graphics, attachments, icons and so on. FlexiSPY captures all aspects of these messages. The ability to capture all parts of the message is crucial as without this information you don’t get the full picture and the emotional content.

The way the IM are displayed by FlexiSPY is very nice, mimicking the way these messages would appear on the device itself.

Web Activity

With the Internet being such a core part of everyone’s business and personal lives, a monitoring product must be able to track this activity. FlexiSPY will let you see the following:

  • Bookmarks in the mobile web browser
  • Web surfing history so you can see exactly what your employee or child has been doing on the internet.


When the device camera or recording is used, FlexiSPY will capture:

  • Videos and Pictures created by the device camera
  • Audio recordings created by the device

One nice feature is that the application will send thumbnails or 3 frame previews of a video to the server. If you like what you see, you can decide to request the full-size image which is then delivered to the web account. This allows you to keep data transfer costs low, as well as reducing the battery drain.

Location Tracking

Location Tracking is the ability to see the location of your child, or track your employee’s movements directly on a map which you view in your web account. One common problem with location tracking is that it can drain the device’s battery quickly, so there is a trade-off – the faster you track, the quicker the battery will drain.

FlexiSPY approach is to offer two modes of Location Tracking

  • Request Location
  • Track Location

Request location will give the current position only, and Track Location will give locations at an adjustable interval – allowing you to actually see the movement of your child or employee.

FlexiSPY provides some interesting visualizations for tracking. For example, you can enter a date range and have the route pins animate so you get a clear picture of the path.

Other notable features are

  • Ability to export your route as a KLM file
  • A detachable navigator widget

KLM files can be imported into third-party mapping applications like Google Maps, letting you see the street or earth view of your employee’s route for example. The navigator widget is great for stepping through long lists of locations without having to continually scroll the page up and down.


With so many applications available on today’s smartphones, it’s important to see how your employees are organizing themselves. To do this, FlexiSPY captures

  • Notes made in the iPhone Notes application
  • Calendar entries
  • The entire contents of the phone Address book
  • AES/PKI Encryption to keep all communication secure
  • Auto Updates for iPhone and Android

Of the list above, special mention should be made of the Auto Update. If an update or bug fix is available, you will be notified, and you can remotely update FlexiSPY without having to handle the device again. Assuming that you are running in stealth mode, this feature would be tremendously useful.

FaceTime Spy Cam

If the device you wish to monitor is an iPad, then FlexiSPY offers a feature called Spy Cam. This lets you open the mic of the iPad and trigger its camera to send a sequence of pictures to your web account.


If you are concerned about viruses or adult applications FlexiSPY is able to tell you

  • What applications are installed
  • When they were started and stopped

Web Account

The web account is a clean and easy to understand interface. After logging in, you are presented with a dashboard that shows all new information since the last log in. You are able to flag data for convenience, as well as carry out keyword searches and download reports in a variety of formats including CSV and PDF.

The web account also lets you create alerts based on keyword or GPS location. So if you want to know if your child is sending Facebook messages with the word ‘sex’, or if they are not within 100m of school, FlexiSPY will create an alert for you.

FlexiSPY EXTREME Features

FlexiSPY EXTREME has features that are unique which justifies its higher price. These features revolve around the ability to listen to audio in real time, and for Android devices, to record these sounds.

Call Interception

This is the ability to listen in to a live phone conversation as it happens. You specify numbers that you are interested in, and when calls are made or received, you receive a SMS notification. You can then dial the target number and you will be added silently to the call, allowing you to hear the conversation. Available for Android and iPhone

Spy Call

This features lets you switch on a mobile phone microphone, so you can listen to the surroundings without any indication on the device display. If the user makes or receives a call while a spy call is in progress, the Spy Call quietly terminate so the user does not get suspicious.

Call Recording

On Android devices, FlexiSPY is able to automatically to record calls from particular numbers without any action on your part. The recorded audio is sent to the web account where you can listen to it later.

However, the maximum call duration for recorded calls is 30 minutes, which is why the Spy Call option is the choice for longer phone calls.

Spoof SMS

FlexiSPY lets you send an SMS from the monitored device. The recipient of the SMS thinks it’s coming from the target phone, so this could be useful if you are trying to physically catch a predator.

Remote Camera

The Remote Camera feature lets you trigger the camera on the device, which then sends a sequence of pictures to your web account, much like the Spy Cam feature on an iPad.


FlexiSPY is our recommended choice, because both EXTREME and PREMIUM version have more features than any other product that we have tested at one of the lowest price points. FlexiSPY is the granddaddy of spy apps, having been around since 2005 and, for spying, we have not seen another product that offers such a long list of possibilities and features.

The easy way that FlexiSPY lets you upgrade to the unique features offered by EXTREME, means that you can start small and add capabilities as you like, and the seamless way that you can move the software to another device means that should your child or employee change phone, your money is not wasted.

A starting price of $68 is the lowest amount we have seen, and looking at their extremely active blog and customer support, combined with their money back guarantee means this is a risk-free choice.

On the downside, because FlexiSPY is designed for professional spying, it does not offer application or website blocking.