Mobile Spy Review

Mobile phone spy has made a name among its own class of surveillance spyware or phone tracking software if cost-efficiency is the basis for the selection. Its features may not be as sophisticated as the others – but all the main concerns of the users will definitely be addressed with its line of service offering. The user will know when own child is texting with a stranger or wasting his or her time with smartphone apps and social media activities. Employers can check as well when employees are abusing their texting and calling privileges. The name pretty much speaks for itself because with Mobile phone Spy,one can retrieve information from a target smartphone using a computer or a mobile web browser discretely.

The list of features it got is not that long compared to others but it has all the basic functionalities that are sufficient enough for the average users like sender or recipient SMS recording, the efficient GPS tracking, direct call logging, full social media coverage, retrieval option for web history and storage access of phone media. Internet interactions can be recorded including emails, YouTube viewing and chat or forum activities.

Computer expertise is not needed to figure out how this software works. It is very simple. Right after purchasing a Mobile phone Spypackage, registering to its official website can follow to get an account. Then, a hidden tracking app can already be installed into the target phone that should becompatible with the software and internet capability of the phone necessary for uploading recorded activities, log, and GPS locations to the Mobile phone Spy account created. This is where the desired information can be found, organized and sorted out into categories for easy browsing. The Mobile Phone Spy does not rely on phone calls and message database to record activities. This means that when the target individual erases the usage history of the phone, the information collected will not be lost or removed.

To recap on Mobile Phone Spy installation procedure: it is straightforward to set-up starting from creating an account by registeringto the Mobile Phone Spy website and followed by installingthe software through the web browser into the user’s phone. Nest, loginto the account in the Mobile Phone Spy site to search for the information needed. Make sure to comply with the internet specification of the spyware to enable data uploading on the smartphone itself during installation. Once this is done, all data can already be accessed from any locationusing just an Internet browser.

The Mobile Phone Spy is completely Stealth, so that the monitored person will not know that another party is actually seeing his or her own phone-related activities and it also works independently. This software enables complete viewing of sms messages. It monitors WhatsAppand iMessage. Apps can be blocked from being used through the phone. Viewing pictures and videos taken with the phone can also be viewed just like the sms – as well as memos, contacts, emails and messages on Twitter and Facebook. This system is being used in most models of iPhone, Black Berry and Android phones. It also works with Windows Mobile and Symbian OS.

A three month subscription to this software costs forty nine dollars and ninety seven cents that quite attract even hesitant buyers because the length of subscription already justifies the start-up cost. They also won’t be worried being stuck with the software for the whole year if it does not work the way they expected it to be. Quite a number of consumers are satisfied with Mobile Phone Spy’s performance which is at par with their promises. Once installed, it usually works smoothly, flawlessly and without a hitch. It operates in a stable manner and never fails to give the information needed according to majority of subscribers.

Generally, Mobile phone spy’s lightweight package that is reasonably priced actually provides the necessary functionalities of a standard spy software user. However when a one year subscription is taken, the surveillance software comes with a more grounded version – the Sniper Spy that can be used for the more demanding tracking tasks. This has an enhanced calling functionality like call durations and dialled numbers but without the real-time call monitoring.

On the other side, this might be a minor observation but seems to be putting weight on Mobile phone Spy preference especially among non-techy or first-time users. Its control panel has a user-friendly menu that is not only interesting to use but also looks very presentable with its highly-interactive but simple settings – that can be controlled just from one point. The phone screen that is viewing live happenings and the remote lock or security options are just some examples of its already exceptional features given its affordability. Therefore, it is right to conclude that Mobile phone Spy is indeed the cost-effective spyware given the above average services provided by the application without the high price.

Mobile phone Spy has definitely helped a lot of parents and employers. It is proven to work well simultaneously for as long as it is needed. To this date, it remains in the best ten spywares despite the rapid additions of more advances surveillance software. Makers surely give an impression that they are giving the best that any software creators could for the published rates. The standard review on Mobile phone Spy can be found in the official Mobile phone Spy website. This is our elaborated version based on gathered reports as evaluated and tested by our review team.