MobiStealth Review

Technological advancements, although useful – have come with their woes. The invention of mobile telecommunication has made the world an even smaller place. The bad thing is, sometimes this technology is being misused to harm other people’s personal and business interests.

This is not the case with MobiStealth – where child or employee monitoring can be done without invading privacy. Instead, the target individuals are protected from potential cyber abusers. Something that should not be ignored especially now that crimes online are on the rise.

MobiStealth has two kinds of spy software. The first one is for monitoring mobile phones and the second one can monitor computers and laptops. To begin spying, soon to be users can purchase MobiStealth and install it on the phone or computer where the needed information will be obtained from. Creation of a MobiStealth user account is also a must – where the information that will be taken from the other device can be viewed. The application would occupy at least 1 MB which is not a lot of space. The operation will work immediately after the installation.

Main things about Mobistealth you should know:


  • All the versions of MobiStealth offer the basic set of mobile tracking application features such as call tracking (details and recording) as well as text message reporting.
  • It allows access to all the URLs visited as well as websites containing video. Not every application of this kind allows video logging.
  • It also shows all the incoming and outgoing pictures as well as gives full access to the contact list of a person’s cell phone. So, you will be able to know much more about the character of communications your kid has, for instance.
  • MobiStealth allows recording the surroundings of the cell phone even when it is not used directly.
  • The application includes SIM change notification feature so that you will know when the object decides to replace or remove the SIM.
  • One of the advanced features offered by this application is that in case of loss or theft it is possible to wipe all the data from the phone remotely.
  • MobiStealth is easy to install and then the monitoring activity can be performed from any computer with the Internet access.
  • This is covert cell-phone monitoring software and it seems to be as it claims. It does not show any sign of being installed on a smartphone, so you may rest assured that your object won’t notice the change.

Mobistealth allows location tracking in a very convenient way. There is real time location tracking option; however, the history is also recorded so that it is very easy to see the movements of the object during the day.

The application offers a wide range of features; however it lacks the capability of blocking the undesired web addresses remotely. The same refers to contact blocking. One of the drawbacks is that keyword alert isn’t included in the list of features as well. You will only be able to see the site, contacts and search results but have no chance to prevent the further interaction.

The website has got a support section page and there is also live chat for any inquiries and questions. They also offer 30-day refund for their product in case it hasn’t met the expectations of a client.

The price for the application is offered with regards to the version chosen. Basic Android version for 2-week period is $19.99 and iPhone Pro version will cost you $79.99 for 3 months. This is not that bad when you take into consideration the options and how much safer you will feel about your kids.

It can be characterized as an application that offers the broadest range of possible mobile tracking features from text message and call tracking to even spy calls and recordings.

  • It lacks the feature of blocking websites and contacts.
  • No keyword alert feature
  • Some customers faced complications when trying to download and install the application.


  • Android
  • iPhone (version 5 and iOS 6.1.2 now as well; any version should be jailbroken)
  • BlackBerry
  • Symbian

MobiStealth in accordance to our research was pretty good but not outstanding product offering all the normal and basic features of mobile tracking software of the kind. It allows tracking contacts and location of a person as well as listening to conversations but no blocking features offered. All in all, it has got all the basic tools that such software is supposed to have and for the company that is new on the market, they offer a good product. It definitely can compete with the similar ones in line and serve its purposes right.

This tool does more than just tracking the target user’s activities. It has the location recording feature that serves as the additional source of certain situations through the recorded sounds obtained from the environment where the conversation took place. The complete location and ambient history will be captured that can put the puzzle together quite very handy for whatever circumstance the phone handler may be in. This is on top of the usual incoming and outgoing SMS text and internet data recording with the relevant details like contacts and activity frequency. Note however that emails will not be readable using this application.

Typically, the system allows recording of all the calls, so playing them back is possible while tracking. The intentional deletion of the user will not hamper the recording. Logs, videos, and pictures in the cell phone could be viewed through this application. The software sends all SMS and texts to the user account. It also sends URL history records to the same account. If the browsing history has been deleted, the information would still be sent to the account because of source recording. Blocking websites and undesired applications are also possible. This is a reliable way of preventing minors to visit prohibited websites. They can’t just get through the site after keyword searches are made. They don’t know of course that someone has made the necessary adjustments prior to their ownership of the smartphone being used. Downloading of pirated software can also be disallowed.

This system most of all correctly updates users the exact mobile location of the phone that is under surveillance. This way if the phone is lost, it can still be traced including the whereabouts of the one bringing it. Locking the phone is an option provided in the event of a theft. The information stored in the phone can be wiped out remotely to protect personal or confidential business data when the phone falls into the wrong hands. The software records all the phone’s surrounding sounds. It lets the users to remotely activate the mobile phone’s microphone and get eavesdrops on conversations to know further activities clearly.

Undetected tracking is already the norm in the industry these days to counteract the legality issues – but MobiStealth is offering a bit more thus, making them earn the title for being the safest silent tapper according to our team of reviewers. Aside from not showing signs of its presence, it also has a feature called Spy Call. Its task is to automatically record any phone conversations when the user is not around to monitor them for safe playback at a later time when it’s convenient to do it.

MobiStealth operates in stealth mode. This is a great advantage for users. This allows users to monitor the target phone invisibly. The ability of the software to remain hidden and offer a discreet means of transfer of data to the user account makes the spying activity undetectable. Likewise, the software is easy to install and can be used even by a layman. The user-friendly interface guides users through the procedure.

It is hard to protect loved ones who are too young to understand the cruelty of some cyber criminals in humiliating them to the public hopelessly. Prevention can help a lot when parents know how to use reliable tools like MobiStealth. Parental guidance can only be exercised when the adults have some clues regarding the activities and whereabouts of their minors. Invasion of privacy can be an issue here but it is very minor compared to the damages that can incur among unprotected children.This can cost them their lives if not careful. This is why spywares are a hit despite the controversy – but making it MobiStealth can be more rewarding to users.

The 3 versions to watch out for are: Lite, Pro and Pro-X. Only Pro-X is the only version with the exceptional call recording. The Lite one only has the basic location and automatic text logging services. The official Mobile Phone Spy Software Reviews site is only one of the many bases of this elaborated review. Vital details regarding the software from our survey are added to create a more comprehensive reference material for our avid technology followers. Actual verification and testing are also conducted by our team of expert technicians responsible for this factual review on the claims of the manufacturers.