mSpy Review

With mobile spyware applications MSPY first became acquainted two years ago, when the product has just appeared on the market. I was interested in buying a mobile monitoring software because I am a caring parent of two teenagers. You may think that I fall a little paranoid, or you find that the installation of the application spying on your smartphone of their own children to go too far, but I’m not the only person who feels fully justified, because after a while I decided to your children about this to say, even though at the beginning it was hiding. But more on that in a moment.


  • !!!The latest iOS 9.0.2 jail-breakable version has recently become fully supported by mSpy.
  • !!!Premium package offers new feature – Telegram Tracking. Another instant messenger monitoring option; for now available on Android only.
  • !!! Multiple device monitoring option – a full Monitoring Bundle – is offered at a discounted price to all customers currently.
  • Keylogger – best way to get all the passwords and search requests.
  • mSpy allows all the regular features such as spying on calls and text messages as well as e-mails.
  • It makes monitoring the Internet usage also possible and this means that all the URLs and websites will be recorded.
  • There is unlimited access to the address book as well as to calendar events of the object’s cell phone and the application also makes it possible to intercept instant messages.
  • Besides, it also allows viewing all the media files, whether incoming or outgoing.
  • There is also a remote control feature and the option that allows setting control over the programs and applications used on the phone.

mSpy is an amazing mobile phone spyware solution that has the capability to tract even the least detail of the monitored mobile phone’s activities. This product is applicable to any kind of mobile devices. Monitoring or tracking loved ones’ whereabouts will be that simple. You can even determine the nature of the social group they belong to. This incredible app is very easy to use yet it covers a wide range of features that a cell phone tracker must have to be rated as one of the best spy wares today.

To decision to install MSPY on iPhones both my kids pushed me several factors. Firstly, I am a single, working mother, making it difficult for me to keep track of every detail of what happens in the lives of my children. I would like to be a mother dealing with the house, but for financial reasons it was impossible. Father of my children, of course, supports them financially, but without my income we would have lost our home, and it is very important for me to provide my children a peaceful life until the same will wear their families, even if it be associated with the work after hours.

When I heard about MSPY, I decided on the purchase and installation without the knowledge of my children. In part this was due to the fact that I had some doubts about the behavior of an older child – I was afraid that fell into bad company and was not with me for the rest sincere when I asked them about certain things. At that time my second child (girl) entered puberty, and even though she was an exemplary student and very well-mannered child, it still had concerns about some of her friends, and as I said before, I did not have time for so thorough care of the actions of my children what I wanted.

Main things about mSpy:

As any other software of the kind, mSpy allows tracking location of your target via GPS. It is easy to use and it helps a lot.

mSpy allows blocking the undesired incoming calls. However, it does not allow blocking the number but getting the information about the incoming/outgoing calls and requests concerning the forbidden number. Here is no option in mSpy for making such notifications.

mSpy is known to offer a quite speedy support in case a client needs it. Their support team is ready to answer to any inquiries 24/7. They also have free number where they can be reached easily in case of any problems. They also offer Live Chat support. Among the similar applications mSpy can be considered as the one having exceptional support team.

This application price starts from $16.67 for a Basic month package and it is $499.95 for a 6-month Business subscription. This software cannot be called cheap by any means; however, for those users looking for the best quality and extended range of features, it will be the choice worth making.

The application has got the traditional range of features and can boast having more options than other similar products on the market.

  • mSpy license allows tracking only one phone at a time, so you won’t be able to install it on several (even two) cell phones.
  • The application makes it possible to wipe the phone remotely; however, the lost data will have no chance to be reclaimed.
  • There is no SIM card change alert.
  • In case you would like to monitor and iPhone, the latter will have to be jail broken.


  • iPhone (has to be jail broken)
  • Android
  • BlackBerry


  • regular cell phones
  • Windows Phone devices
  • Bada OS and any other OSs

mSpy can be characterized as a very useful and easy to handle application for mobile tracking. It offers a broad range of features and it works in stealth mode and in accordance to the feedbacks studied, no faults were discovered.

MSPY is an application on the phone, you can buy and install on almost any smartphone or tablet. Installation is very simple (it took me about 5 minutes, even though I’m far from a specialist in the field of technology – at least as it was then), and the program is completely undetectable.

When MSPY is already installed on the device, the user application will be able to monitor:

  1.   It can read and block emails.
  2.   You can easily listen to incoming and outgoing calls.
  3.   You can set call recorder.
  4.   It can run SMS tracking to target cell phone.
  5.   It performs using a high-density GPS tracking system.
  6.   It can view photos and videos from the tracked cell phone.
  7.   It has the ability to block the target phone.
  8.   All instant messages and SMS content.
  9.   It can also restrict calls.
  10.   All website URL’s visited by the user of the target device.
  11.   You can access the chat and IM conversations to verify doubts.
  12.   You can check the contacts data and calendar of activities.

I can proudly announce that none of my children entangled in anything serious. I am extremely pleased with the fact that, thanks to his foresight I installed MSPY because the application has proven very useful in some situations, so I was able to intervene at the right time, when it seemed to me that my children can happen something bad. Without going into details, I can hand on heart say that MSPY proved to be very effective “nanny”.

A few months after installation MSPY on iPhones my children – when I already had a good outline of what is happening in their lives in addition to what I said – I decided to tell them what I did and why. As you might guess initially I felt disgusted by the fact that violated their privacy, but when I calmly explained to them his reasons and fears, accepted my decision. The application is still on their phones, and they know that, even though in general I trust them, they still leave the right to monitor them when I feel the need.

If you are reading this and you are a parent, it’s my guess that at this point I focused on myself your attention. You may wonder what it really does MSPY and how effective it is. If you continue reading, you’ll explain everything …

arrowSecured Business Facilities

Business owners have the same goal and that is to assure the safety and productivity of their operation. So, the mSpy Business version was developed to become the trusted protector for both big and small businesses. It’s evident that in any industries, there are some rebellious employees who are tempted to leak sensitive information for whatever reason. They can use mobile devices such as Smartphone or tablet to copy the company’s files and leak the protected assets to a third party that can take advantage of them.Another usual concern is the overtime payment demands by employees claiming compensations when they are out office allegedly for some legitimate transactions even if they are not. This can gradually pull down the business into bankruptcy if not corrected immediately. Cheating in the declaration of working hours is not new in the work field that can easily be abused when employees are confident that they can get away from it.

Obviously, mSpy willnot encourage cheaters and will definitely make you worry-free in running your business. Once the app is connected intoyour device and the target cell phones, close monitoring of employees’ activities will be just as normal as hitting a button from your equipment. This mSpy software allows you to save a lot of moneyby not permitting you to pay extra labour costs tothese abusive employees. It can even protect confidential files without disrupting productivity reports of the business despite maximising the use of social media in your attempt in increasing your customer base. Mind you, the cost is nothing compared to other advertising campaigns.

Additionally, mSpy has the ability to block an email once it delivered into wrong inbox. This is just an absolute security measure for business owners who can make such mistakes from time to time. So, this will not be a concern for entrepreneurs and managers to accidentally leak the company’s confidential details sent via email.


Remote Control – MSPY gives you the ability to remotely control many functions and settings of your phone. With these features you can control access to various applications and programs. Another advantage of the remote control is the ability to disable the device in case of theft. So we can say that only for this function, you should purchase the application.

24/7 Technical Support – One of the reasons for which are still using the MSPY is their excellent technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For a small additional fee you can access the maintenance of Premium MSPY, who also works 24/7 to help you with the installation, maintenance and anything else associated with the use MSPY.

Telephone Support – In addition to the contact e-mail and chat support, MSPY its customers also provides telephone support, so you can live to explain your problem with a member of the technical department.

Money Back Guarantee – MSPY guarantees a refund within ten days. If you are not satisfied with the work product, you will get your money back.

Demo Website – MSPY offer a demo page where customers can become familiar with various product features. This is very useful, especially for people with little knowledge or experience in the subject technology.

MSPY Basic and Premium MSPY

MSPY Basic provides you with all the basic features you need to effectively monitor user activity online and on the phone while MSPY Premium brings you to the next level, along with several advanced features already mentioned. You can buy a package that suits you.

arrowCompatibility, Support and Installation

mSpycan run on almost all brands of upmarket smartphones and OS firmware as long as it is internet enabled. It is also crucial for it to work that the phone to be spied on also has an internet. The popular iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android, Sony Ericsson, Windows Mobile, Motorola, Huawei, HTC, Philips, MEIZU, ZTE, LG, Google and Symbian models can be equipped with mSpy.

Nothing can be better than daily 24 hours technical support through with their real-time response system and chat room. If you can’t go online, call them through the numbers provided in the website that are toll FREE.

Direct physical installation on the phone to be monitored is a must. Upon purchasing the app, detailed set-up and installation instructions will be forwarded to the email address you provided. You can also login to your mSpyaccount and hit the Help Menu to find the mSpy Control Panel where you can view the installation manual that is explained step by step.

arrowValue for Money Choice

Mspy has already established its credibility just by producing an excellent product that can serve for any kind of mobile phone model. The company’s enhancement on the privacy and security features for their customers only proves to show that they value their patrons. Some spyware systems incur additional costs on SMS commands but not onmSpy – they simply do not use SMS commands anymore to assist consumers. Other means of contact are imposed to better communicate the actual problems encountered and to relay the corresponding solutions.

mSpy manufacturers are too proud to show off their well-trained and polite support team anytime you need some help. You can easily access them via e-mail, phone call or Skype in your convenience. Most importantly, the product has a strong parental control solution that will make them aware of their children’s activities without invading their privacy. The producers themselves are very confident with the performance of their creation that mSpy isoffering a 10-day money back guarantee just in case costumers are unsatisfied with their purchase.Therefore, you have nothing to lose when selecting mSpy for your tracking tool. You just have to try using it and before you know it, you can’t live comfortably without it anymore!

First, the product really works. All functions in such a way that I expected and very rarely there have been any system errors.

In addition MSPY is very easy to install and use. The product has been reasonably designed, and instructions and simple to use control panel account on the website make MSPY very simple and transparent solution.

Technical support is another big plus of this company. Their service is very well prepared for their work, friendly and extremely helpful. MSPY may cost a bit more than other mobile spyware applications, but support the primary support for your product, which is extremely useful.

I can hand on heart recommend this product to anyone, both for parents to protect their children, employers who wish to monitor swoich.mSpy constantly developing and improving its product for two years, which is still one of the leading providers of this type of technology on the market.